Wellness Wheel™ iPhone App

Achieve a healthy mind, body, and soul!

We've blended eastern wisdom and the wellness concept to give you the 8 most important categories & activities for living a fulfilled and happy life.

Open this app once a day and choose a category to focus on for that day. Wellness Wheel™ suggests how you might fulfill that category and perhaps how much time to spend on it.

You are also given a task list for each category to keep track of what you’ve done to fulfill that category. The date is include for you and the app saves your accomplishments in each category.

You can scroll through to a category of your choice, or press the "spin" button and let fate decide.

Some of the categories include:
People & Relationships
Intellectual Growth
Physical Health
and more...

Just touch the icon for any category to open the task list.

As time moves on, you will not only see what you've done or achieved in each category, but you are likely to feel closer to happiness, health, and wealth.

We often only focus on one or two aspects of life and we end up feeling like things are "missing". Use this app to remind yourself to spend time on the 8 important parts of life.

As you spend more time using iWellness™, try to fulfill more than one category at a time. For example, playing touch football outdoors with friends fulfills the categories of relationships, nature, and physical health all at the same time.

In time, you'll be a well rounded renaissance man or woman! Take action and achieve wellness -- a healthy mind, body, and soul that lives in harmony with the world.

For iPhone™ and iPod Touch™
Note: Consult a doctor before beginning any exercise programs.

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